28th November 2013

12th July 2012

ICT Announcement

Logons to email and Remote desktop and School computers.

As part of the on-going upgrade / expansion of the Canford School network, we are in the process of moving all users into a layout which will ensure better use of the new school infrastructure network that was built over the last year.
For access over the summer and going forward you will need to change a setting.
Where previous settings were staff or academic you will now need to use school.
All other settings are the same.

The time scales for this as follows:-
Pupils: have already been moved.
Staff: will are moving on Monday/Tuesday 16th /17th   July

If prompted with two boxes (Username and Password) enter:
Username: school\username
Password: your password

Email Settings are the main settings changed during the holidays for user not in Canford.

Email settings on iPhone:-
Email address: Enter your email address
Password:           school password
Server:                 mail.canford.com            
Domain:               school

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
ICT Department